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Have you ever just felt trapped? In your life. In your job. In your self....  

I have been there.  And I know how hard it can be to feel this way, especially as you begin to approach the mid-point of life.

For too long I didn't really know what I wanted. And so I dabbled.  I tried this thing then that thing then another, each time collecting more and more knowledge without ever really knowing how to apply that knowledge to my life.

​But as I approached my mid-point of life, I began to realize that not having a plan had become my plan.  That just drifting had become the trap I had set for myself.  And so I began to panic.

It's really easy to see the approaching of mid-life and begin to freak out.  


How will I afford retirement? When is too early to begin to think about it? If I'm not working, how will I fill my days? How can I make the second half of my life a beautiful culmination of all I have learned throughout the years? These were the questions that swirled inside my head. And they were the questions that led me to where I am now.

​My life's path has had many twists and turns (read my full story here), but it wasn't until I realized that I was in the driver's seat that I began to really realize the freedom I had longed for. Whether the mid-point of your life is still a ways away or whether you have already hit that milestone and are just looking for a new way to live, I can help you find the freedom you are searching for to create a life that empowers and excites you.

Eager to get started? Send me a quick email and let's help get your freedom journey started. 

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Coming in January 2022

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Karen is very friendly, open and knowledgeable.

She is very keen on educating you on how your body moves and works, which I love! She truly wants to help your body move freely and without pain or discomfort. Your well being is her priority. I highly recommend Karen!  

It was indeed a wonderful pleasure to have a coaching call with Karen..... She was kind, caring and thorough and I ended up having an amazing aha moment! I felt safe in her throughout the entire conversation. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wishing to explore their inner thoughts and get to the next level. 


Kindly submitted,

Janet Shore Bsc. Pharm 

Took advantage of a coaching session with Karen and I was blown away at her Coaching skills and style.

She was very friendly, compassionate and took the time to really listen to my concerns and I felt completely heard and understood.... she understood my needs and offered amazing tips and strategies that I could implement right away.


I even had a breakthrough and realization in just our first 1-hour call

Shaniza Ali BSc. Realism

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Karen Theimer

Freedom Coach &
Registered Massage Therapist

My journey to freedom began when I quit my twenty-three year long career as a professional dog groomer and began to pursue my passion for health and healing.

​But it wasn't until I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer that I really woke up and began to create a healthy relationship with my body, mind and soul.  


When it comes to living your freedom, mindset is everything.  If you're looking for tools to find your freedom, come join me via social media and get your daily dose of freedom-inspired tips and tricks.


Choose Your Path to Freedom

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freedom of movement

Whether you are looking for more freedom in the movement of your body, your career,
or your overall mindset, I can help!


If you're here, you're ready for this.

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