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The Path to Being Fifty & Free Show

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Are you approaching your 50's or in your 50's and feeling stuck?

Are you feeling like life is passing you by and wishing someone would just come and point you in the right direction?

Are you looking to find that Joy again where somehow along the way you forgot you had?

Join Karen Theimer on a journey where she explores with experts globally and empowers others to live a life of freedom. Karen teaches listeners how to claim their life back by covering topics around creating emotional and financial freedom.

She enjoys inspiring others, sharing stories and educating about health and wellness while having fun!!

There is more to life than what you are living...

Make a decision and start now!!!

Listen Live  at  12pm PT / 3pm ET every 1st & 3rd Friday  here

Find more freedom...


The Path to Being Fifty & Free

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The Path To Being Fifty & Free Podcast

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